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Cathy Pacific – Flight booking simplified.

Cathy Pacific in one of the oldest airliners providing effective and recognized services to hundreds of customers across the globe. With the advancement in technology and the internet now a medium through which customers perform transactions, Cathy Pacific now provides customers an option to check-in online. You can check on the timings and availability of seats and book your tickets accordingly.

You no longer have to wait in long lines at the airport prior to your departure to obtain a boarding pass. With the web check-in option, you can check in online 48 hours and up to 90 minutes before the departure time. You can also select the seats of your choice and opt for additional no-flight services from the comfort of your home. You can also change your seats and cancel check-ins online. Extra services like travel insurance and extra legroom seats can also be opted via the online check-in option.

Using your electronic ticket number, PNR number and your details, you can obtain your boarding pass online. Ensure that you carry this boarding pass and your e-ticket while you enter the airport without which you will not be able to board your flight. In case, you have misplaced your boarding pass or ticket, ensure that you immediately notify Cathy Pacific through the 24/7 toll free number or at the airport. You can then avail a duplicate ticket and a new boarding pass. Please carry and necessary documents like your passport and identity proof.

You can obtain the boarding pass online 48 hours before your departure however is restricted to passengers who require medical assistance, minor who are accompanied by parents or a guardian, passengers who are travelling on groups and are registered as a group at the time of booking and all passengers who have to make additional payments. Customers flying in Cathy Pacific, Dragon air and other carriers who have booked their flights through Cathy Pacific can make the best use of this web based tool. While traveling abroad, ensure that you carry your passport, Visa and other important documents at all times as you need to provide them at security check points.

You can also use commercial websites like for online check-in and to check on the flight and PNR status. However, ensure that you authenticate the website before entering your information. There are various scammers who camouflage the logo of airliner or the commercial site and send emails with phishing links to you using which they can obtain your booking information and your credit card and bank details. At the time of boarding ensure that you carry a valid identity proof for the airport and airline authorities to authenticate your identity.

The web check-in tool is solely designed to save time and simplify the way through which you transact, however ensure that your information is not misused and you use safe and authenticated medium to transact. While at the airport, ensure that you only use airport or airline services to port your luggage which are usually free of cost.

Cathy Pacific Web Check in

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