Air India Web Check In

Air India Web Check In

An airline started by J.R.D Tata is headquartered in New Delhi and is one of the popular airlines in India as well as in abroad. It is among the largest airlines in the world and has further three subsidiaries – Air India Cargo, Air India Express and Air India regional. This airline is considered one of the famous and trusted airlines for domestic as well as International flights. Air India has two primary and main hubs at Indira Gandhi International airport at Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Domestic flights are a popular option among passengers in India nowadays and Air India is among the favorites. This airline had served its passengers for decades. Everyone has got so busy in their lives that most of the time they do not get much time to do all the formalities for their flights. To avoid such situation, the airline has launched a new facility known as Air India Web Check In.

Air India Web Check In is a facility using which passengers who have confirmed their booking in the Air India (AI) flight can easily check-in for their respective flight. This facility is not available from Bahrain, Dhaka, Muscat, Dubai, Sydney, and Melbourne. Any passenger with a confirmed flight ticket for any class can avail this facility. This facility can be availed without any registration like we had to do at the time of booking an air ticket. The passenger just needs to go to the Air India website and select the Web check-in option and have to fill the required details and then follow the next process which is quite simple and easy. You cannot avail this facility anytime. The passenger can do the web check-in at least 48 hours in advance or the passenger can do the web check-in 2-hours before the departure of the flight. A maximum of 9 passengers can avail this facility at a time. This facility cannot be combined if you are already availing any special service from the airport like wheel chair, etc.

The process of doing a web check-in is very much similar to a manual check-in at the airport. In Air India Web check-in, you will also get the option of selecting the seat of your choice. You will be shown the seat map while doing the web check-in. You can select the seat of your choice. But Air India has full right to change the selected seats of a passenger before the departure of a flight due to any valid reason. Air India tickets can be booked online from any flight booking website. You just have to choose your destination and the date of arrival. And accordingly you will get a list of available flights to choose from.

Web check-in facility has helped the passengers as they do not need to rush to the check-in counters. Sometime, if the passenger is getting late, then he or she can do the check-in by using these facility 2-hours before the departure of the flight. It has made the flight check-in process easier.

Air India Web Check In

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